CRED: A Reward-Based Credit Card Payment App

CRED: A Reward-Based Credit Card Payment App

Credit is a financial transaction that allows the holder to defer repayment of a loan and receive goods/services now instead of later, with the credit being repaid over time. With the high number of bills that are so important every month, it’s easy for people to overlook them. CRED has come up with this brilliant innovation which has been getting a lot of attention in recent months. This app is not only revolutionary in terms of payment app but also in terms of the rewards system, which is equally fantastic. CRED comes for both types of devices is Android and iOS, for iphone users.

The idea behind this app is to reward the users with Coin Rewards and Gem Rewards as they pay their bills, and this fantastic idea will bring back some intrinsic desire to pay your bills on time. CRED is the first such platform in India that provides rewards from companies like Ajio, Puma, Myntra, and many more. The concept of this app is very innovative, and it has been designed to achieve two things at one go: To make the user active in paying bills and give him different ways to earn rewards.

Apart from various features, a few things make CRED unique and better than other apps in this market. Here are some key reasons stating why you should go for CRED,

Credit Card Payments And Attractive Rewards

CRED can make your credit card bill payments hassle-free by adding all of your credit cards details in it and keeping track of the future due to payments. In addition, the users can have their CRED account linked to their credit card, thus making it more straightforward for them to settle the dues. CRED provides these benefits not only to its users but also helps increase the number of responsible people when it comes to paying bills on time.

This platform offers attractive rewards for referring your friends and family and purchasing products and services from CRED’s partners. It also rewards the user with bonus points when making timely bills payments. CRED partners with local credit unions and national central banks to provide additional benefits for users who make timely bill payments. In addition, users will get exclusive credit card rewards from their bank by making timely bill payments.

Realtime Check on Credit Score

Another benefit of joining the CRED club is that it provides an easy check on your credit score. This screen gives an overview of your credit card account history, balance, and the last time you checked. The view of your credit report also allows you to see how much you are paying in interest on your past auto loan payments. If you are a member of CRED, then you can access various outstanding features, including

  • Real-Time Credit Check
  • Credit Score Updation
  • Multiple Credit Maintenance
  • Credit Settlements at Single Interface

It allows you to check your credit score quickly with just one click and without even paying anything extra. A regular check on your credit score helps you check your spending patterns and re-evaluate them for further good credit scores. With the benefit of keeping an eye on your credit score anytime, CRED has gained much popularity in significantly less time. In addition, finding the availability of loans with a better credit score becomes easy.

 Incredible Customer  Support and Security

If you are unsure how to use this app, don’t worry. CRED provides top-notch customer support and ensures that its customers have a great time using their app. They have provided informative videos, FAQs, and personalized help via email and phone. Also, the security of your data is maintained by using the most advanced techniques and algorithms to keep them confidential. If you still have queries or doubts, you can resolve them with their experienced customer support staff.

From providing a safe payment option to various features, CRED offers so much. For example, all their transactions and personal data are encrypted with a lifetime passcode generated to avoid fraud. This is possible by utilizing the state-of-the-art secure payment system and takes care of each transaction for you. This technology provides you with a secure environment and enables you to pay your bills on time, thus ensuring that no one will be able to get access to your bank details. Moreover, CRED has a user-friendly interface, and there is no need to have any technical knowledge to operate it.

CRED Rentpay: Pay Rent Online

Living in the age of digitalization and where you can order anything from your bed and get it delivered to your home, it baffles people to find out why we still deal with hassles over paying rent. Some people are used to paying rent offline, whereas others opt for an online rent payment app. With CRED, you can comfortably make payments for your rent without having to wait until a specific date when you have to make an offline payment. All you need is access to the internet anytime, day or night.

CRED is India’s first rental payment app that allows users to pay their landlord through the app anytime and anywhere. This is possible by taking the hassle out of having tenants pay by cash or cheque. It is extremely useful for small property owners who generally do not have access to banks, and the main problem with cash payments is that they are highly risky. Even if you do the payment on time, the chances are that your landlord will end up not getting refunded his money.

In a nutshell, the concept of CRED is based on the idea of ‘Pay your bills, Get paid,’ which is an exclusive idea that makes CRED different. This concept provides many benefits to every user as it provides them safe and secure ways to make bill payments, rewards that encourage them to pay their bills on time, and credit score checks. On top of it all, they are provided with SMS and call support from a dedicated customer care team 24/7.

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